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About Robin

I have chosen, as well as been called, to co-create jewelry

Robin has spent many hours learning the secrets of Mother Earth’s crystals. Robin has become a Certified Crystal Practitioner for animals and people.

Robin loves to speak with each individual in order to understand their needs. Embracing her intuition combined with her knowledge, Robin selects the exact right crystals for your need. Each piece of art that she co-creates is a Helper that not only looks beautiful, it has true purpose.

The Crystals and Gemstones arrive from all over the world.

Robin Helps Choose Which Stone is Right for You

About the Stones and Crystals

One of my personal favorite stones is Obsidian. The black of obsidian allows you to feel safe as you look at what is in your own shadow. Yet it lends a fiery protection as you go to those places you don’t typically look at.

Larimar support polarities, both light and dark, daytime and nighttime. It sooths the emotions and promotes clarity that helps overcome fear and grief.

Carnelian offers you a gentle space to look at past traumas, feel them, be with them, and transform them into beautiful usable energy.

So, as you can feel, when combined, how the dance they offer is not only powerful, it is magikal.

Some Wycked Creations

A little girl receives a gemstone, obsidian, for her father, who later is found out to be a sheriff.

A child who was lost at birth to still birth, Larimar and Obsidian, the Mom now has a remembrance bracelet for her precious child. A continued connection that cannot be severed.

A gal wanted angelic support as she made her choice to end chemo. Rose quartz and carnelian accompanied her as she made the decisions that led her to fulfilling her purpose and journey.

These and so many more stories have passed through the creations of Wycked Jewels.

Wycked Jewels

Some people wonder where our name came from. Well, Robin grew up in Massachusetts. If you’ve ever been there, you know there are many words and phrases that are pure Massachusetts. Wycked means “cool” or “awesome!” 

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